Teaching You How to Defuse Aggressive Situations

It is my desire to work with individuals to develop and strengthen an intuitive response to the environment. I teach people how to disrupt potential violence by introducing a state of awareness.   

I also teach stress management and self healing techniques. Included in my curriculum are presentations, seminars, and workshops and individual classes.

At one of my sessions, participants will:

  • Develop and apply intuition, through movement, to the art of self-defense
  • Achieve heightened awareness through challenges and interactions
  • Learn to engage with the situation and guide the outcome through clear intention
  • Discover the extraordinary healing self and the progression of the will through movement
  • Acquire self-defense techniques born out of their own movement repertoire

Who Should Attend My Classes

All are welcomed.  Anyone with a desire to take control of the outcome, to recovery health, and to laugh and grow.