What It's About

Started in August 2016, Hearten Practices is about the philosophy and training in movement and self-defense. Movement is an overall expression of who we are. Our bodies carry out basic locomotive functions that are informed by our intentions, such as to stand, run, jump, and walk as well as to heal and recover health and strength. The mental, spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves culminates and manifest in true movement when we are in full alignment. Our environment at times have the effect of separating the mind from the body. Signals from the environment tells our bodies how to act, independent of our intentions.

It is through movement that we engage the physical world with our spiritual self. Through a series of specifically designed movement, dialogue and meditation the work is toward an integrated self that expresses, health, purpose and compassion. Since the movement studied and practiced are largely drawn from martial arts principles, effective practical self-defense skills are a benefit of this process

Educational Attainment

BA in Philosophy, with a concentration on the Philosophy of Mind, which considers mental events, consciousness and their relationship to the physical body, notably the brain. 

Decades of study and practice in working with energy and examining how subtle energy in our environment affects our bodies as well as how we transmit energy through our intentions, how we naturally self heal.

Decades of practice in the various forms of Martial Arts.