Self-Defense & Movement Genetics ™

Hearten Self Defense is about disrupting potential violence by introducing a state of awareness. Through my classes, you will learn how to explore and encourage the progression of the self through movement. My process considers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the self with respect to defense, preservation, and growth.

For there to be self defense there must first be an awareness of the self and how it creates and interact with environments.

Classes focus on the exploration of and connecting with the body through simple exercises. You will also be taught the adaptation of naturally derived movements to self-defense and healing. 

Introducing Movement Genetics ™

Movement Genetics is about understanding who we are through movement. It is the process of engaging with the environment through  a series of specialized interactions (meditations, movements and exercises) that opens up dynamic creative possibilities. It is about constructing pathways toward growth, health and clarity.  Each one of us has a unique vibration or energy about us that is the blue print for who we are.   Fueled by our intentions we are able to strengthen and heal our bodies, and manage our health by realigning with our vibrations. Health solutions must be in alignment with movement environment if it is to be complete.

Why Attend My Classes

My method is unique, training you to strengthen your intuition and perfect the efficient, mindful execution of techniques for health and safety. 

I look at honing an individual’s mental and spiritual aspects. By doing so, I will help you exercise healing and meditation as well as manage the stress that affects your daily life.

Self Defense Instructor